Dog Training Collar Reviews

The Best Dog Training Shock Collar Reviews

If you’re looking for the best dog training collar, you might initially be overwhelmed by what is a surprisingly busy market segment.

Firstly, you’ll encounter many names that all amount to the same thing. Whether you see them tagged as electric dog training collars, e-collars, shock collars or remote training collars, the core goal remains the same: training your dog to behave better and not to bark excessively.

We’ve got various styles and types across all price-points so there’s truly something for everyone. We’ll launch right in with our dog Treatfordog training collar reviews then we’ll double down on some useful tips for getting the most out of this highly effective training method.

Whether you want to train your puppy with beeps, vibration, spray or static shock, then read on…

Top 20 Best Dog Training Collar Reviews

1) The Best Dog Training Collar: SportDOG Family Remote Trainers

When it comes to training collars for dogs, SportDOG comes out at the top of almost every list and with just cause.

Offering A range of up to 500 yards, these training collars are ideal for sporting dogs. You can even join a single remote with a trio of unique collars (available separately) allowing you to train 3 pups at once.

That works best for the dog. Choose from a quick stimulation to get the attention of your dog, or a longer continuous stimulation to correct ongoing poor behavior.

The battery has a long life lasting Between 50 and 70 hours and charging is brisk at less than two hours. Battery indicators on both the collar and the control alert you when it’s time for a burst of juice.

The collar is submergible up to 25 feet which makes this collar a waterproof and solid training ally.

If You are interested in the SportDOG brand but really need a collar to train your hunting dog, look no further. SportDOG has you covered there, also with the best Hunting Dog Training Collar

  • Acceptable for almost all dogs
  • Differentiation in stimulation ranges
  • Willing to use to train Many dogs
  • You need to keep the collar quite tight to be effective

2) Best Waterproof Dog Training Collar: Dogtra Fieldmaster LCD Training Collar

Dogtra brings the Fieldmaster LCD model to the table with several configurations sure to please!

Both the controller and the collar for the Fieldmaster from Dogtra are completely submersible and waterproof.

There Are over 25 different stimulation levels to pick from to help you train your puppy and they may be adjusted to be felt as a momentary nick to grab your pet’s attention, a continuous electrical stimulation to fix your pup, or as a vibration that’s not too stimulating.

Should you get separated from your canine, the controller transmits to the collar even if they’re a half a mile apart.

The Controller features an LCD display that lets you know what level of stimulation the collar is on, in addition to keeping you informed of the battery life of the collar. The battery is rechargeable and charges quickly.

  • Extended battery life
  • Both components are watertight
  • LCD display makes training easy
  • The collar is adjustable but if you’ve got a bigger dog there will be a lot of slack that needs to be dealt with

3) Best Multi-Dog Training Collar: Educator E-Collar

If you’re in the process of training multiple dogs at the same time, you’re probably searching for something to make this job somewhat simpler. Educator E-Collar rides to your rescue with this fantastic collar for training more than one dog at a time.

Signal up to half a mile so that you can still get your pup’s attention even if they have run off a little. There is also an option that can transmit up to three-quarters of a mile should you expect the need for some extra latitude.

The transmitter is somewhat like a stopwatch. It’s Small and can fit in the palm of the hand allowing for ease of use for anyone with smaller hands.

The collars are compact enough for a There are 100 different levels of stimulation that may be used to train your pup. In addition to the electrical stimulation, there’s also a tapping non-stimulating feeling.

The batteries will be fully charged in 2 hours but will need charging daily.

  • Small transmitter and stimulator
  • Useful for training multiple dogs
  • Light on the collar to help with monitoring at night
  • Short battery life

4) Best No-Shock Collar: PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer

Some dogs don’t respond well to shock training but owners still need to find a suitable method of training. Luckily, PetSafe has developed this Remote Spray Trainer for just that sort of situation.

There are 3 distinct stimulation options with this collar. You can pick from vibration, spray, or tone.

The Refillable cartridges used for the spray stimulation come in unscented and citronella versions and each cartridge can spray up to 35 times.

The vibration alternative will vibrate against your puppy and can be useful for training.

The tone variant will emit a tone only your pup can hear and when you catch their attention you are able to work on training them.

The collar has indicators to get a low spray in addition to a low battery. It charges quickly and holds a charge for approximately 40 hours.

  • Remote is backlit making it easy to use at night
  • No-shock training program is a better option for some people and dogs
  • Easy to use even for complete novices
  • The buttons on the remote are extremely sensitive

5) Best Budget: Dog Care Dog Training Collar

Having pets and properly caring for them can quickly become costly, but they still have to be well-trained. Luckily, Dog Care is aware of the cost associated with training pups and worked hard to bring about a great budget choice available for dog training collars.

These collars can be used to train up to 9 dogs using 3 different training modes. There is a beep mode, vibration mode, and shock manner. The shock mode also provides you with nearly 100 distinct levels of intensity ensuring you can adjust the level to where your puppy responds.

The collars are adjustable and can fit dogs from 15 to 100 pounds.

The wireless controller reaches up to 330 yards, and comes with a lock pad that means there’s no way that you accidentally shock your pup.

Both the receiver and the transmitter are both rechargeable and the battery has an impressive lifespan of around 15 days on the receiver and 45 days on the transmitter.

  • Can use for several dogs
  • Long-reaching signal
  • Impressive battery life
  • Transmitter is kind of bulky

6) PetSafe Yard and Park Rechargeable Training Collar

Another fantastic offering from PetSafe is this Yard and Park Training Collar.

The transmitter’s signal reaches around 400 yards so you can make sure your puppy will almost never be out of range of correction or redirection from you.

Useful for training inside, in the yard, or at the park, this is a fantastic collar for any dog owner.

The collar fits dogs that from 8 lbs and upwards and it may be adjusted to fit necks that to 28 inches.

The receiver on the collar is waterproof and there are 8 levels of adjustable intensity for correction and training purposes. There are both stimulation levels as well as tone amounts to be used for different kinds of training methods.

Both the collar and the transmitter have rechargeable batteries as well.

  • Signal reaches a Wonderful distance
  • Useful for training multiple pups
  • Several settings to choose from
  • Battery life is underwhelming

7) PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Collar

If you want to work as a professional dog trainer or handler then this is the training collar for you. It works equally well for everyday pet owners needing to effectively train their pups, too.

Thought his collar can only be used for 1 dog, it makes a smart option. You’ve got multiple training settings to pick from. These modes can be used to achieve different goals through training.

Light mode helps with training when it is dark, beep mode is useful for educating your dog on a leash, vibration mode is good for obedience training, and shock manner is useful for different situations.

Both the vibration and static shock manners have 100 different levels of customization ensuring you get exactly what you will need to effectively train your pup.

The collar is adjustable and will fit any pup over 10 lbs.

The transmitter remote features a backlit LCD screen enabling it to be used day and night. The transmitter has a range of up to 400 yards.

Both the collar and the remote have rechargeable batteries that are rechargeable.

  • Multiple training settings and modes to choose from
  • Lengthy signal range
  • Battery life is underwhelming

8) Garmin Sport PRO Bundle

Garmin is a famous provider of electronic products that help make life simpler so it only makes sense they’ve developed a dog training collar to help pet owners, too.

This Sport PRO Bundle features a collar and transmitter that have a signal assortment of three -quarters of a mile. This set is perfect for training a sporting or hunting dog.

With extra collar purchases, this set may be used to train 3 dogs making your life even easier.

The collar is adjustable and works for almost all pups. Each receiver has 10 different levels of stimulation and can this can carried out in either a static manner or a tone and vibration mode. There are LED beacon lights on the collar as well allowing visibility even in low light.

The transmitter isn’t hard to use and it can be operated with 1 hand. Using a dial, you can select between training modes as well as levels of stimulation.

This collar also has a BarkLimiter, allowing you to train your puppy to keep the volume down when necessary.

  • Beacon light lets you keep an eye on your dog
  • BarkLimiter for training your dog to Stop barking
  • Different training modes and levels of stimulation
  • Poor battery life

9) Dogtra 1 Dog Training Collar System (3/4-Mile Range)

We’ve looked at a collar from Dogtra already on this list but they offer tons of options when it comes to dog training collars so we’ve got another up next.

This model from Dogtra has a reach of up to three-quarters of a mile enabling it to stick out from the pack. This long reach is ideal if you are training a sporting or hunting dog, or even in the event you need your pup to obey you in a large park.

With additional collars, this model may be used to train two dogs at the same time.

The collar is adjustable, but is intended more for medium to large dogs with the lowest suggested weight being 35 pounds.

The receiver is fully waterproof so you don’t have to be concerned about it breaking when your puppy jumps in the lake.

Because all pups are different and will respond in their own way, there are 127 different stimulation levels on the collar. Additionally, battery charge time on the receiver is a short 2 hours enabling you to return to work in no time.

  • Can be used to train two dogs
  • Long reaching signal
  • Not useable for smaller dogs

10) Petrainer Rainproof Dog Shock Collar

Petrainer is another fantastic company offering many distinct versions of dog training collars. This specific model is loved and used by professional dog trainers and regular pet owners alike.

With a reach of over 300 yards, you can train your dog to be obedient in a park or in the back yard.

All are useful for different situations, and all can be customized up to 100 different levels of intensity.

The contact points of the receiver also have soft silicone covers to make sure your pup’s skin isn’t irritated. Additionally, the collar is rainproof so no worries if you get caught in an unexpected shower.

The transmitter is easily operated with simple to use buttons and it features an LED backlit screen so you can clearly see the settings and battery lifetime.

With a quick charge time of 2 hours, you and your puppy can return to playing and training before you know it!

  • Multiple training modes and configurations
  • Silicone covers for contact points
  • Rainproof receiver
  • Can not be used to train multiple dogs

11) Petrainer Dog Shock Collar with Remote

Another amazing version from Petrainer is this Shock Collar with Remote. Highly affordable, you’ll enjoy plenty of control over your training situation.

As with most models from Petrainer, this one has a The signal from the transmitter can easily reach through walls also. This allows you to effectively train your pup in almost any circumstances.

For pups weighing at least 15 pounds. The receiver is 100 percent waterproof as well. With 3 different training modes including vibration, static, and tone, you will find the one that best works for your puppy. Beyond this, there are 100 intensity levels so that you can offer the most efficient level of stimulation for your puppy’s training purposes.

The Transmitter is straightforward to use featuring easy to read buttons and a dial for adjustment. Since it’s so easily operated, Petrainer and users refer it to it as”Blind Operation”.

The receiver and transmitter are both rechargeable, and as always, the charger features Petrainer’s quick-charge functionality.

  • 2-hour quick charge
  • Designed to ensure there are no accidental shocks
  • 100% waterproof
  • The battery dies quickly

12) Garmin Delta XC Bundle

Another life-simplifying option from Garmin, this Delta package is guaranteed to please both the casual pet owner and the professional trainer.

With A range of more than a half-mile, you can use this system to train your pup in your own backyard or even while out in the field or in a huge park.

The Receiver on the collar has 3 distinct training configurations such as tone, vibrate, and shock. Additionally, there are 18 different intensity levels that can be administered temporarily or continuously depending on how your pup best responds.

The contact points can also be changed to work better depending upon your dog’s coat.

The transmitter is extremely simple to use with only 3 buttons and an LCD display screen.

Both components feature rechargeable batteries.

  • Components are well-made
  • Easy to use
  • May Be Used for multiple dogs
  • Not the best option for high-drive puppies

13) Dogtra Remote Training Collar (3/4-Mile Range)

This collection gives you almost all you need to effectively train your pup as you would fully expect from a company like Dogtra.

You Will become not only the transmitter, collar and receiver but also a PetsTEK training clicker. These are a great option for just about all dogs and they provide another mode of instruction.

The signal features a Range of up to three-quarters of a mile ensuring that whether you’re training your puppy in the yard or in on open area, you can control his entire attention. It doesn’t matter if your dog has a gentle character or is especially stubborn, this collar can work for them.

The The intensity can be adjusted to 127 unique levels, also.

The screen of the transmitter keeps you apprised of battery status as well as the training mode.

Both the receiver and collar are waterproof and both feature rapid charge lithium batteries.

  • Extra training gear thrown in
  • Long-traveling signal array
  • Waterproof components
  • Not meant for smaller dogs

14) Dogtra IQ-PLUS Remote Trainer

Dogtra’s IQ-Plus is a bit different than the competition in a couple of key ways.

To Begin with, this model of dog training collar is ideal for dogs as little as 10 lbs in weight. The collar is tiny, even though it’s still adjustable to fit your specific pup. Additionally, the receiver on the collar is somewhat less powerful.

There are 3 different modes, including nick, Constant, and vibration. These modes can be adjusted through 100 varying degrees of intensity.

The signal range on this version is up To 400 yards which will let you work on training your pup in just about any location. The transmitter has a blue LCD display that allows you to see stimulation levels in addition to remaining battery life.

  • Great option for smaller dogs
  • Waterproof receiver
  • Rapid charge batteries
  • Battery does not seem to last very long between charges

15) BOIFUN Dog Training Collar with Remote

Buying a dog training collar from BOIFUN will ensure you are getting a quality product and results to match.

This Model can transmit and receive signals up to 1000 feet away so you can get your dog’s attention immediately. With the purchase of additional collars, you can train up to 9 puppies simultaneously.

The receiver Features 3 training modes including beep, vibration, and static shock. All are useful in different situations, and it’s ideal to have a choice so you can see what works most effectively with your puppy. The intensity can be adjusted from low to high through 99 unique levels of stimulation.

There Are lock and unlock settings as well assuring you can not accidentally shock your dog.

Charge over 3 hours and have an impressive battery life boasting a standby time of up to 40 days.

  • Long battery life
  • Can be used for 9 dogs
  • Many options for training purposes
  • Instructions are not clear, making operation a bit tricky

16) Dog Care Dog Training Collar

Dog Care has already made our list as a great budget choice, and they make another appearance with this strong dog-training collar.

If You choose to purchase additional collars, this transmitter can be used to train 9 distinct pups simultaneously. With a signal range of 330 yards, you can use your pup in the backyard or at the park without any problems.

The collar is adjustable for dogs from 15 to 100 lbs. The receiver is 100% waterproof and has 3 different training choices.

Choose Out of beep mode, vibration mode, or static shock manner. The static shock mode can also be adjusted to 100 distinct levels of intensity so that you can find the one which is most effective for your puppy’s training needs.

Both The transmitter and the receiver are rechargeable and have great battery lifespans.

  • Can be used for up to 9 puppies
  • Waterproof receiver
  • Long range signal
  • The receiver is extremely big and can be cumbersome in your dog

17) Nemobub Dog Shock Collar with Remote

The collar and receiver of this Nemobub have a signal range of over 300 yards, allowing you to train your dog everywhere from the park to open areas or even in the backyard.

This version features the 3 modes Most commonly found in dog training collars (beep, vibrate, and static shock). The transmitter enables you to adjust the intensity of the modes through 100 different levels so you can effectively train your pup as needed.

Which mode you would like to use while the adjuster buttons allow you to customize the intensity. The LCD display keeps you current on the battery life remaining as well.

The collar will fit dogs ranging from 10 pounds to 110 pounds and can adjust from 7 inches to 26 inches.

Both components feature rechargeable batteries.

  • Long lasting battery
  • Fits a range of dogs
  • Many Different options for training
  • Unable to be used for multiple dogs

18) Petronics Rechargeable Shock Training Collar

This rechargeable dog-training collar is a great choice whether you are a professional trainer or just a regular pet owner.

When Training your pup, you will probably need to work in many different situations, and this collar can help you do just that. With a signal variety of over 300 yards, you can make certain your pup will obey just about anywhere.

Though this collar will not be suitable for smaller dogs, It can be adjusted to fit a broad assortment of medium and large breed pups. The collar can be shortened or lengthened to fit dog necks from 14 to 23 inches.

The receiver has 4 Distinct functions including light, Beep, vibration and shock. All these are useful for different training scenarios. With the static shock feature, you can also select from 100 distinct levels of intensity.

The transmitter remote is Easily operated with only a few distinct buttons and an LED screen that allows you to know which mode you are using and the intensity level, and it also keeps you updated on the battery life remaining.

  • Collar allows for a lot of modification in length
  • 4 useful training purposes
  • Remote is simple to use
  • This collar is not waterproof

19) TBI Pro Dog Training Collar with Remote

With one of the best signal ranges on the current market, this dog-training collar from TBI is a good choice if you’re working with a sporting dog or a hunting dog.

When you are training for a certain purpose, Like hunting, it’s imperative that your dog be able to run free but still obey commands. This training collar has an impressive signal range of 1600 feet allowing for it to happen.

The receiver operates Across 4 different modes such as beep, vibration, and static shock. The shock setting can be adjusted to 100 different intensity levels enabling you to leave it where it is best for your training purposes.

Additionally, the receiver is 100% waterproof. The collar can be adjusted to match pups from 10 to 100 lbs.

The Transmitter remote has a couple of buttons that allow you to operate the receiver on the collar. There is also a display on the remote that tells you what mode you are using as well as the intensity level. This also displays the battery level.

  • Incredibly long signal range
  • 4 training modes
  • Will fit most dogs
  • The screen is not lighted, so it can be difficult to see what You’re doing

20) Casfuy Training Collar with Remote

Casfuy is a company with loads of experience when it comes to training dogs so that this collar makes a fitting end to our list.

With A 300-yard variety, this collar should be plenty to train your pup. You can also purchase an additional collar so you can train two dogs with one transmitter distant.

There are 3 different training modes You can adjust the stimulation of the shock through 100 different intensities so that you can get it to wherever your pup responds effectively to your orders. The receiver can also be waterproof.

The transmitter remote has simple to With this, you can quickly pick from the 3 modes and also adjust the intensity.

There’s a backlit LCD screen that displays key data. You can see the intensity level of this mode you are on together with the battery life remaining on the collar and the remote.

The batteries in the receiver as well as the remote are rechargeable.

  • Fits most dogs
  • Can be used to train 2 dogs at once
  • Transmitter is user friendly
  • Easy to accidentally set off a shock


With That huge collection of shock collar reviews behind us, we will look first at whether or not using static shock as a method of correction is secure and humane…

II. Are Shock Collars Safe and Humane?

We’re Certainly not here to convince you to use this method if you are not entirely happy and comfortable with the notion of using mild discouragement to improve your dog’s behaviour. There are loads of other options at your disposal.

How much can it really hurt your dog to use this type of electric shock, though?

If You consider touching fingers with a buddy after walking across a carpet, the degree of static shock you get is roughly comparably to that administered by shock collars. It is certainly enough to cause your dog to draw up but nowhere near enough to be considered seriously debilitating.

While correctly defined as the”least humanist” of corrective apparatus by The Humane Sciety, They certainly are more pliable than a beep, spray or vibration. This does not make them either unsafe or inhumane, though.

As long as you regularly clean your dog’s neck, use the Collar in full accordance with the instructions and do not object to the notion of delivering a minor shock to your dog, a shock collar could be remarkably effective.

Things to Look For When Buying Dog Training Collar

There Are a vast array of dog training collars available on the market and it can be easy to get lost in all of the choices, not able to choose making the best fit for you and your pup. As with all things, there are a few options which are much better than others but each owner, dog, and situation is unique.

Because there are so many choices, we’ve compiled a list of factors that count no matter the budget, the dog, or the situation.

Take The following things into consideration when you’re searching for your dog training collar and you’re sure to find one that provides you years of faithful service.

Maximum Signal Range

If you’re planning on keeping your puppy within your suburban neighborhood or taking him out to the open fields to roam, you have to be certain your training collar has a sufficient range to receive your pup’s attention.

Most training collars have a standard signal Array of 330 yards that is about 1000 feet.

However, if you plan to take your pup into a situation where They could distance themselves from you, you should opt for a collar that allows for that. You will also want this sort of collar if your pooch is prone to wandering off. Collars can be found with an assortment of signal range alternatives, some around a mile.

The sign also depends on the Area in which you’re training or working, though. It will not be as successful in a scenic area because it is on flat city streets.

Training Modes

Every Dog is different and responds to different stimuli in their own distinctive way. Because of this, there’s no one way to effectively train a dog.

Unless you would like to spend a whole lot of money on a number of different collars, roster with one containing multiple training modes.

Modes which are generally found are tone, vibration, and shock.

When Utilizing the tone mode as a system of training, you would use the remote to make the collar emit a beep noise that would capture your dog’s attention.

The vibration mode works in much the same way, as the transmitter indicates to the collar to vibrate on the dog’s neck.

The Shock mode is one that should not be used frequently, but can be powerful, particularly for stubborn or high-drive pooches.

Some remotes and receivers give you even more control Over these training modes because you can select the period of time they are effective. You can give a quick beep, vibration, or shock or, when necessary, you can opt to have the stimulation be longer lasting.

Intensity Levels

Large Breed dogs such as huskies will probably need a higher degree of a shock or vibration than a little Chihuahua. This is a result of the size of the pup as well as the amount of fur they have on their neck.

Many of these Training collars allow for this, by giving you the choice to adjust the intensity level of the training stimulator.

Most give you a range of up to 100 distinct levels of intensity so that you can get the one your puppy best responds to.

Specific Needs


Cost: You will notice there is a broad range of price points with these dog training collar. You should not feel the need to stop looking if the most expensive one available is out of your budget. There are some truly fantastic budget choices available out there also. There are also lots of options priced in between these extremes so no matter your budget, there is a dog training collar available for you


Multiple Dogs: lots of men and women need to be able to train more than 1 dog at a time, but the notion of keeping track of all those remotes is overwhelming, not to mention the sky-high price of purchasing different sets of training collars. Thankfully, many manufacturers have developed their products in a manner which makes this possible. Usually, you can buy extra collars and they can all be managed with a single transmitter remote. Some models allow you to train as many as 10 dogs at once!


Sizing: lots of these dog-training collars are not intended for smaller dogs. There are a few options that can be effective but don’t try to use a collar meant for a large dog to train your small dog. Measure the circumference of your pooch’s neck to be sure the collar you are ordering matches properly


Waterproofing: If you’re training your pup to be a hunting dog or if your dog likes to play in the water, you should definitely look into a waterproof model of dog training collar. There are water resistant options that are helpful for getting caught in the rain but a few dogs will need more security than they could provide so make sure to consider that when buying your pet training collar


Control Screen: odds are you will be training your puppy during several different times of the day. You will need to be able to see the controller when you are in bright sunlight and also in gloomy conditions. Because of this, you should look for a controller that has light, specifically one that’s backlit and LCD. With this version, you can see the screen of your remote no matter what time of day it’s


Transmitter Options: Some transmitters are easier to use than others. Be sure to look for one you can understand clearly so you don’t use the wrong training procedure at the wrong moment. Also, start looking for controllers with a lock of some type, whether a switch or a keypad that has to be unlocked. If you do not have this option, it can be easy to accidentally shock your dog


Many People see or hear the term”shock collar” and feel disgusted. Some people don’t believe it is a secure or humanist method of training dogs while others are perfectly fine with the concept.

Truthfully, only you Know what you’re comfortable with. You know if using electrical stimulation is the ideal option for your pup or if there is another route you want to go.

There is much to be said for the protection of these dog-training collars also.

You should know about certain things when using these collars to train your puppy, though.

The Prongs that cause the stimulation need to be kept clean. If they are dirty, this can prevent the stimulation from being felt or even make it send an unintended static shock.

Water can amplify the When your dog is at the pool or is moist for some reason, be sure to use different methods (tone or vibration) before resorting to the shock.

or burns. The electrical shock can cause inflammation and other problems at the website of the shock. When the static shock option is overused or used too great an intensity level, your puppy can even be burned by the prongs. Strategies for Using a Dog Training Collar

When You’re using a dog collar for training purposes, it might seem like the easiest thing in the world to just slip it on and start training but there are a number of pointers that may make your life easier while increasing your likelihood of success…

Start Obedience Training Without a Collar

It’s Well worth beginning to train your dog without using a collar. If you find your pup is barking excessively, start out by gently punishing him then rewarding him for compliance.

With Any type of behavior correction, you are always well advised to attempt to educate your pet without using any device then move on to using one if you’ve got no luck the organic way.

We’ll assume since you are Reading this that you’re still having problems so you should start by making certain you’re getting the right kind of collar…

select the right Type of Collar

Look At all of your different options and consider whether the idea of an ultrasonic beep, gentle shaking, a slight static shock or a citronella spray sits best with you.

Ask yourself whether you need a collar You can leave on your dog to administer correction automatically or if you need a remote training collar for more proactive use.

Getting This element of the equation wrong will make you job so much harder. Take the time to get it right and training is likely to proceed swimmingly.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Just like when you’re trying to teach children, punishment without reward is a cruel and ineffective approach.

Be Absolutely certain to accompany aversion treatment with positive reinforcement. Make it abundantly clear to your beloved dog when he’s doing well. Give him a treat, give him a hug, or stroke him.

The key is to combine correction with reward.

Beware of Over-Correction

If You see poor outcome, it may be tempting to use an increasing number of correction in an effort to jolt your dog to his senses and force him to comply. This is highly unlikely to yield gains.

If your dog Is not responding to the particular collar you’re using, it might be worth considering another type of collar or increasing the quantity of positive reinforcement you give him.

Simply amping up the correction is a bad strategy.

If You’ve opted for a static shock collar, make full use of the range of settings provided. Always begin at the very bottom end and lightly move on through these intensity levels.

Don’t suddenly raises the intensity by a huge degree. Used correctly, innovative static correction can be incredibly powerful.

Consider Avoiding Shock Collars with Aggressive Dogs

If Your dog has an aggressive temperament, it may be tempting to imagine a strong static shock will be the best way of bringing him in line.

Counter-intuitively, This is truly not the case. Generally speaking, an aggressive dog won’t respond well to negative reinforcement or high levels of shock. If anything, it’s likely to make the behavior worse rather than better.

You Should consider using alternative approaches as well as calling in professional help if your you need to bring a super-aggressive puppy to heel.


To round out, we’ve collected 5 of the most frequently asked questions about training collars.


1) Will an e-collar shock your dog?

In a word, no. Not in a bad way. The degree of static shock administered in a contemporary electronic shock collar is simply in accord with the static shocks you are used to getting yourself if you touch a person or metal object after walking across carpet. While more extreme than a beep or vibration, these collars are perfectly safe.

2) Could you use training collars on dogs that are smaller?

Yes. All collars come with a suggestion concerning the burden of dog the collar is appropriate as well as the neck size. You can find loads of dog collars for dogs that are smaller.

3) Won’t a shock collar end up making my dog even more aggressive?

They Won’t if your dog isn’t aggressive in the first place. If they are, you’re better off using an alternate method. If your dog is not aggressive, properly administered shocks from a training collar along with positive reinforcement should have no negative effects. At worst, the correction won’t be effective.

4) Does citronella spray actually work?

Absolutely! Dogs not only hate the fact they’ll find a wet nose, they also detest the citrus scent of citronella. They may not work for all dogs but the idea of spray collars is soun and several pet owners fin considerable success using this method.

5) Is it necessary to use a professional dog trainer?

It Is not unless you really want to or you’ve got serious behavior problems you want under control. You can use all of the collars we review without any need for professional input so save a little money and do it yourself!


We hope today’s bumper guide can help you find the ideal shock collar for your requirements.

With So many diverse types to pick from, start off by deciding on your budget. This decision alone will whittle down your choices to a more manageable level and prevent analysis paralysis placing in.

Once You’re clear on pricing, consider which type of correction works best. Would you like a beep or vibration? Perhaps you’d like both and that’s no problem. Again, by selecting the sort of collar which would work best for your dog you will again thin out the field.

Don’t overlook the size and temperament of your dog or the place you will most often be training him .

Pay Close attention to our buying guide for specifics about what to look for In the very best training collar and you’ll soon be discovering a marked Improvement in your furball’s behavior!

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