best shampoo for English Bulldogs

What is the Best Shampoo for Your English Bulldog?

While all dog breeds can develop skin conditions during their lives, bulldogs are one breed that is predisposed to developing a variety of them. Part of your bulldog’s allure is their wrinkles, but this is where bacteria can flourish and contribute to itchy or sore patches of skin as a result of higher moisture.

You need to maintain your bulldog clean, particularly in their own folds of skin, and our picks for the ideal shampoo for English Bulldogs will help you do so. Preventing itchy skin and infections is the best thing you can do to help your English Bulldog, and we’ll help you decide on a excellent shampoo that can help to keep your pet’s skin healthy.

Symptoms of Skin Problems in English Bulldogs

Your English Bulldog has folds of skin where moisture collects, and it is a warmer temperature. This bacteria can multiply quickly and lead to skin and coat problems that can be painful if you don’t treat them.

  • Dry, Flaky Skin – If your dog begins to develop dry and flaky skin, then you might start to notice dandruff and on their coats early on. Dry skin is itchy skin, and you might notice that your dog scratching more as their skin continues to dry out and flake off.
  • Sexy Spots – Hot spots are patches of your dog’s skin which create lesions and feel warmer to the touch than other areas of their body because of irritation. As your dog licks or scratches in the hot spot, it can grow at a rapid pace and grow in an open sore.
  • Inflammation – If your dog has itchy or dry skin, they tend to dig in constantly to try to make the itching stop. This can quickly lead to inflammation, and your dog may even scratch or bite open sores in their skin if you don’t stop the itching.
  • Itchy Skin – One of the main things you’ll notice with your English bulldog is that they develop dry and itchy skin. They can scratch and rub this skin raw as they attempt to find relief, and open sores could lead to a greater chance of infection or other complications.
  • Odor – Lots of English Bulldog owners have commented on their dog’s odor, saying it is extremely strong, even a day or two after they bathe them.

Common English Bulldog Skin Issues

Now that you know what a few of the most frequent coat and skin problem symptoms are, you have to know what the actual problems are so you can choose the best shampoo to help treat the problem.

Demodectic Mange

Demodectic mange is a coat and skin condition that is caused by microscopic parasites or pests, and it is generally divided into two broad categories. Localized demodectic mange is typically found in puppies, and it is a consequence of them having an immature immune system. Generalized demodectic mange is typically found in mature dogs, and it may be brought on by an inherent problem with their immune system.

Flank Alopecia

Bulldog Flank Alopecia means that your bulldog loses their hair in their flank region around the same time each year. This skin condition is thought to be contributed to the lower levels of sunlight your pet’s hair follicles see in the winter season. The hair follicles stop growing, and the hair falls out, leaving a bald spot.

Skin Fold Dermatitis

Among the most common problems people see with their English Bulldogs is called skin fold dermatitis.

Also, your bulldog’s coat can rub on these areas causing quite small open sores that give the bacteria a beginning point. Signs of skin fold dermatitis include excessive itching, open sores, and pink, inflamed skin, especially around your bulldog’s skin folds.

Because there are thousands of dog shampoos available that are specifically geared towards dogs with skin problems, it can be tricky to get a good one. But, there are a few key components you want to look for in your bulldog’s shampoo.

Antifungal Properties – If you are considering purchasing an antifungal medicated shampoo for your English bulldog, you need to be certain that is has Chlorhexidine, Ketoconazole, or both listed on the ingredient listing. Both of these ingredients have strong antibacterial and antifungal properties which could help reduce and treat the cause of many skin problems your bulldog may have.

Deodorizer – As we mentioned previously, bulldogs tend to have an odor, and this can get worse if your dog has a skin condition. A shampoo with a deodorizer can help your dog smell better, and it can help gently clean their skin and strip away the excess oil that could contribute to their stronger odor.

Soothing Agents – While the antibacterial or the antifungal ingredients go to work, you’re going to want something on your dog’s shampoo to give them relief until it actually starts treating the skin problems. Aloe and oatmeal are excellent natural soothers that you can see in many medicated dog shampoos that can decrease itchy and inflammation.

This medicated shampoo contains both Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole, And they combine to act get rid of parasites, parasites, bacteria, and yeast. It also contains a powerful deodorizer that works to gently wash your pet’s skin of any excess oils and remove any bad odors.

It is a veterinarian-grade shampoo that also contains soothing aloe That will help to stop the itching and inflammation while the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties go to work. This shampoo is made in the United States, and it follows very strict quality and safety guidelines as well.

Pet parents who purchased this shampoo said that they saw positive Results within a couple of days of using this shampoo, and it had a very pleasant scent. They also said that the instructions tell you to leave this on for at least five to ten minutes, and lots of dogs won’t sit still for that long

  • Contains both Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole
  • Has a pleasant scent
  • It is a very fast-acting formula
  • Leave it sit on your dog for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Could cause a rash
  • Watery consistency

This soothing shampoo contains 100 percent all natural ingredients Including shea butter and aloe that work to sooth your dog’s coat and skin. It nourishes the skin and functions for dandruff, dry skin, alopecia, hives, and more.

Coat appearance and feel when you use it. This shampoo is made in america by a company that has the Good Manufacturing Practice certification.

Individuals who bought this product liked the fact that it soothes your Dog’s skin while working to restore their jacket into a soft, healthy and shiny state. They did not like it had a very strong and sweet odor that tended to be slightly overpowering.

  • Contains aloe, oatmeal, and shea butter
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Works on your dog’s skin and coat
  • Very strong scent
  • Doesn’t strip oils from the skin
  • Takes a few uses to work

This medicated shampoo Includes 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide, Sulfur, and salicylic acid to help fight bacterial infections and sooth your dog’s coat and skin. It’s designed to gently soothe and treat skin fold ailments, hot spots, acne, greasy skin, staph infections, and much more.

Your dog’s coat and skin will get a layer of natural moisturizers and Herbal fragrances when you use this shampoo. It also works to flush any oily buildup out your dog’s hair follicles leaving them healthy and clean after each use.

Pet parents who purchased this shampoo enjoyed the fact that this Shampoo begins to work almost immediately and that you can usually see positive results within a few days of bathing your dog. They did not like that you had to let the shampoo sit on their dog’s fur for between 5 and 10 minutes for it to work well.

  • Very fast acting formula
  • Works on several skin conditions
  • Herbal fragrance
  • May take several baths to work
  • Very runny shampoo and doesn’t lather well

This gentle shampoo comes in nine different light fragrances, and it It can help to cut the oil in your dog’s coat and in their skin, and it is gentle enough to use around their eyes.

It’s formulated for dogs with skin folds to get in and clean out any Bacteria without being too harsh in their skin. It’ll also help to remove any excess dirt or dead skin from their coats leaving them shiny and healthy.

Pet parents who bought this shampoo liked the fact that they could Choose from nine distinct scents and that it had been gentle enough to use around their dog’s eyes. They didn’t like that it might take a few washes to find an improvement in their dog’s skin or coat.

  • Very gentle formula
  • Choose from nine light scents
  • Natural ingredients
  • May cause irritation in sensitive skin
  • Takes a few baths to work
  • No whitening agents


This shampoo cleans down to your dog’s skin amount thoroughly so that they End up with a thinner, brighter smooth and shiny coat and healthy skin. It has a pH balanced formula and oatmeal to soothe your dog’s itchy and irritated skin.

This shampoo also functions to restrain any tangling or matting issues Your dog might have with their coat, and you get a rich lather that’s not hard to rise out. Additionally, it comes with an extremely light tropical scent.

People who bought this whitening shampoo to their dogs Said that they liked how soft, bright, and shiny it mad their coats. They didn’t like that this shampoo seemed to dry out the ends of their dog’s coat, so it was more prone to tangling.

  • Contains soothing oatmeal
  • pH balanced formula
  • Whitens and brightens your dog’s coat
  • Can dry out the ends of the coat
  • May not whiten as much as you want
  • Fragrance goes away quickly


Our choice for the best shampoo for English Bulldogs is Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo. It contains Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole to help rid your dog of several common skin and coat conditions caused by both parasites and fungus. It also contains soothing properties that give your dog relief while the shampoo goes to work.

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